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Lash Advance

Grow longer, thicker eyelashes and/or brows with a non irritating formula that is safe for contact lens wearers. This botanical and peptide based formula will not cause rash, burning or staining of the lid, also will not change the iris color.  This product does not contain Lumigan, a drug used treat glaucoma. Lash Advance can create dramatic improvements in volume, texture and density. Peptide gel also improves skin on eyelids and smooths out wrinkles.

Personal note.  I used this for almost 12 weeks to get visible results that I could see and was very happy when I realized it really was working!  Lashes are longer, fuller and look healthier.  No chemicals... we guarantee results!




Product Description:


The lash and brow is essentially a non-living entity that is compromised primarily of keratin protein fibers embedded in an aqueous protein matrix. Even though the visible portion of the lash & brow is non-living, humans spend an in-ordinate amount of time modifying their hair fibers to support their social image. As people age, their lashes & brows begin to thin as a result of hair loss and reduction in the active growing cycle, or anagen phase of hair growth. The subcutaneous fat layer of the skin also thins and lashes and brows become more brittle. The ability of the hair cortex to absorb melanin begins to diminish and the lashes and brows start to lose their youthful color and shine.

The lash and brow grows from a vital portion of the skin called the follicle which is a dynamic hub of cellular activity and life. The lash and brow fiber originates at a terminal point called the hair bulb where living dermal papilla cells divide and absorb melanin. The hair fiber is quite alive throughout the entire length of the hair follicle. This leads to the possibility that topical treatments with products designed to penetrate the oily sebum layers of the follicle should be able to deliver benefits to the growing lashes and brows. It can be proven that follicular health is improved or maintained and correlates directly to healthier, thicker, younger looking lashes and brows. 

Key Product Claims:

Stimulates lash and brow growth at the cellular level.

Improves health of the follicle

Reduces lash and brow loss

Protects lashes and brows through anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity

Increases penetration of actives to the follicle

Key Components of Lash and Brow Gel

Hexapeptide-11 is a biofermented peptide that has been shown in in-vitro genomic studies, run on human dermal fibroblasts, to upregulate key genes responsible for collagen production and important extracellular matrix components such as hyaluronic acid. In a gene microarray study conducted on human dermal fibroblasts, it was found that topical treatment with hexapeptide-11 was able to upregulate the Androgen Receptor gene indicating that the peptide is able to bind to the Androgen Receptor much the same way testosterone will. This suggests that Hexapeptide-11 may be able to influence the principal biochemical pathways responsible for converting young velus lashes and brows  into mature terminal hair. In addition, Hexapeptide-11 has also been shown to improve skin elasticity in vivo suggesting that it can function to improve the skin’s underlying matrix proteins such as collagen and elastin. All of these are important to improve the lash and brow follicle health.

Sugar Beet Betain (trimethylglycine) has been shown in vitro to stimulate the production of collagen in human dermal fibroblasts. Improving the production of collagen in the skin helps to strengthen the extracellular matrix where the hair bulb principally resides. Betaine is also known to be part of the important cascades for cellular production of ATP, the energy molecule of every living cell. Enhancing the energy cascades of the hair bulb improves the ability of the hair to function during the anagen cycle of the hair fiber.

Fruit extracts isolated from sugar cane, lemon and apple offer natural exfoliating action through the action of a-hydroxy acids promoting cell renewal of the skin. This helps clear the follicles of excessive build up of dead cells, allowing more room for thicker hair growth. In addition, the natural pH of the skin is slightly acidic so the acidic nature of lash and brow gel ensures the hair proteins are kept hard and more resistant to breakage.

Green tea extracts which are known to contain beneficial isoflavones protect the skin, lash and brows from both oxidative stresse and UV radiation and have well documented soothing benefits.

Efficacy Study- In Vivo Study to Evaluate Follicle Strengthening

To examine the ability of Lash and Brow Gel to improve follicle integrity, an in vivo panel study was conducted consisting of 3 different evaluations. The first was a subjective evaluation of the lashes and brows after a 5 day in use study. The second part was the actual hair loss study followed by a final evaluation consisting of scanning electron micrograph.

The panel consisted of 15 volunteers between the ages of 30-60. The participants were unaware which side received Lash and Brow Gel versus the placebo gel. Participants applied the gel once per day for 5 days.

Results and Discussion

The subjective questionnaire consisted of a series of questions to address the appearance, feel and strength of the lashes and brows following the 5 day study. The results showed that the participants overwhelmingly indicated the side treated with Lash and Brow Gel was longer (87%), softer, stronger and plumper than before treatment.

Scanning Electron Microscopy Comparative Analysis was used to examine random sampling of lashes and brows from both sides on day 5. A striking difference was seen in the appearance of the hair fiber bulbs with the treated hair bulb being noticeably larger and smoother, healthier hair bulb than the untreated side. Lash and Brow Gel was able to enhance or lengthen the duration and number of lash hairs in the anagen phase , the period when the hair bulbs are known to be their strongest.  Lash and Brow Gel also delivered important moisture binding ingredients to the lower portion of the lash shaft and bulb. 

Instructions for Use:  Click pen to dispense product, apply along upper and lower lash line daily.  

                                        (I used the product at night before bedtime)  

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