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Loftin Foundation Primer



Seals and protects skins moisture balance. Use under foundation to keep it smooth and flawless.  Similiar slip and  feel to  Alexandra de Markoff's DAYTIME MOISTURE,


Delivers oil-free moisture enhancers to all skin types leaving skin hydrated for hours.

Contains lipids that are important for the health structure and function of the cormeum layer. Leaves makeup looking fresh and color true all day.

Prevents dryness and flaking on the skin. Contains lipid that are important for the function of the corneum layer.

SPHINIGOLIPIDS-appears to work with the cellular system in providing a restorative effect on a damaged or disturbed corneum layer.

CYCLOMETHICONE-provides a silky, smooth feel to the product, noncomadogenic emmellient in the form of slilicone that cand eliver active ingredient.

DIMETHICONE-a form of silicone that gives products slip and feels smooth on th skin.

CERAMIDES-form a protective barrier and reduces the natural water loss.  Repaire the corneum layer in cases of dry skin and improve skin's hydration.


   1.056 Ounces

List Price:  $100.00


Product Description:


Apply one or two drops on the face.  Allow to absorb before applying foundation.

Ingredients: Cyclomethicone and Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone, Tridecyl Trimellitte, Sphingolipids, Ceramide 3, Cholestrol.

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